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Accounting Policy

Credit Cards

ISP Supplies accepts American Express, Discover, Master Card and VISA. For first time customers, ISP Supplies cannot ship to an address that is different than the billing address. The shipping address has to match the billing address of the card being used and the Street Address, ZIP Code and CSC Number must match the card. Once the account has been established we will than be able to ship to different addresses for you.

ISP Supplies cannot accept credit card payments for international orders unless pre-approved. We can accept PayPal and Wire Transfers for international orders.

Please note that when you place an order with us using a credit card, a authorization will be posted to your account. Once the order has been shipped out the amount will then be charged. If your order is shipped out partial due to backorder items or is being shipped from different locations, we only charge you for what is shipped out. Once the items become available and shipped, the remaining balance for those items will then be charged to the card.

Wire Transfer

ISP Supplies accepts wire transfers as a form of payment. Please note that the order will not be approved and released until the transfer is complete and the funds are in our account. Also, any fees charged by upstream banks are the responsibility of the wire sender and will be collected in advance. Please contact us for instructions.


ISP Supplies accepts PayPal and you may choose this payment method when you place your order online.

Net Term Accounts

ISP Supplies offers net terms to approved customers. Net term customers must keep their account in good standing or all shipments for the account will automatically cease until it is reconciled. A service charge of 1.5% (annual rate of 18%) may be charged on all invoices past due. If we receive a NSF check or if your account repeatedly goes over 45 days, your account will automatically revert to C.O.D.

If payment is not received in 60 days, the account will be turned over to collection agency for collection. The account holder will be liable for collection and/or incurred legal fees and cost. Cards on file under the account may be used to satisfy any past due amounts without prior agreement. All Net 30 accounts are secured by a personal guarantee of the business owner. NET TERMS ACCOUNTS MAY NOT BE PAID WITH A CREDIT CARD.