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ARE Telecom & Broadband

Produces innovative, unique, and bespoke ballasted foundations systems and other necessary infrastructure for the wireless communications industry, wind, utilities and military government agencies in North America.

ARE Telecom is unlike conventional Monopole manufacturers

They don’t just design a pole, they design complete pole and foundation solutions. Their patented ballasted foundations and tilt-up monopoles assemble in hours to days, range from rooftop to 200 feet in height, are perfect for both urban and remote environments and certified to TIA-222-Rev H as a permanent structure.

ARE specializes in custom design

Engineering for support structures like antennas and mounts, as well as modifications to our systems to meet your specific project needs.

This combination of design

Manufacturing and our patented foundations and poles makes ARE a perfect choice for large and small scale projects from Manhattan to the Artic Circle.

Located in St Paul, MN with manufacturing in the US and Asia

ARE has stock systems to meet your urgent needs while also being able to deliver the quality and price needed meet your project needs.

Ballasted Foundations & Embedment Monopoles

In addition to their Patented line of Ballasted Foundations with Self-Raising Poles, ARE specializes in a full-line of direct embedment poles that bring our same custom designs, quality and turn-key solutions. If digging is not problematic, direct embedment poles are a great low-cost option to lattice towers or conventional monopoles with concrete foundations.

The process is simple

Dig a hole to the diameter ARE calls out on our Structural Certification, insert the base pole section which is galvanized and then treated according to US code for buried steel structures, back-fill with the removed soil, pour concrete or use foam designed for this purpose, and set your remaining sections. If multiple poles are set in an area, we’ve had contractors do as many as 4 – 100’ poles built in one day.

ARE has poles in stock for small quantities, but if you need higher volume, ARE will customize your pole to meet your specific lengths and weights to reduce cost of transportation and installation. They will also design in hand-holes and doors, along with custom brackets for your mounts according to your project needs.

From design, manufacturing of poles and antenna mounts, shipping to site, structural certification and installation, ARE can provide a turn-key solution.