Sector Antennas

Highest-quality durable Sector Antennas are robustly tailored for cluster deployment and co-location.
Light and compact array sector antennas that operate in an extremely wide frequency band (2400 – 5850 MHz) are well-optimized for balanced H+V antenna systems. The exceptional RF performance antenna is built with extruded and stamped aluminum; stainless steel, UV resistant ABS plastic, and HDPE. Its stainless-steel hardware has a black-colored anti-friction surface coating to prevent seizing. RF Elements antennas with a 160km/h wind survival have an increased gain of 14 - 20 dBi and 88% efficiency.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements offering its certified Sector Antennas at the most competitive prices.

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AS-2-14RF Elements 2.4GHz, 14 dBi, Array Sector Antenna
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AS-5-20RF Elements Array Sector 5-20 Antenna
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The Sector Carrier Class Antennas of RF-Elements are excellent sector antennas tailored for the cluster deployment and MiMo performance.

Rich Features

The Sector Carrier Class Antennas of RF-Elements are well-optimized for equal performance between V and H antenna systems. With the help of balanced radiation patterns and gain, their sector antennas are well in MiMo performance.

The best quality aluminium is used to design the antenna body and the brackets. They are light in weight and compact in nature. It is ahead of its competitors. Sector Antennas are very cost effective and very easy to use. Excellent choice for cluster deployment. It is the best choice for Co-Location. Wide Platform Compatibility.