UltraDish Twistport Antennas

Ultimate quality sterling UltraDish Twistport Antennas are manufactured for subscriber module applications.
Parabolic dish antenna with Twistport connector covers an ultra-wide frequency range: 5180-6400 MHz and is equipped with an original quick-locking waveguide port that enables intuitive radio connection and replacement. Minimized sidelobes, wide frequency bandwidth, and stable gain in both polarizations assure dependable performance. The aluminum antennas ensure low weight and uniform shape. Its UV-resistant radome cover protects and decreases the wind load of the antenna. RF Elements antennas with a 160km/h wind survival have an increased gain of 27.5 dBi and up to 61% efficiency.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements offering its certified UltraDish Twisport Antennas at the most competitive prices.

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The UltraDish TwistPort Antennas of RF-Elements are high-gain directional parabolic antennas that come with a lossless TwistPort connector. Their antennas are extremely directional & oppressed side lobes for groundbreaking performance.

The UltraDish TP Antennas of RF-Elements have rich features and ideal products for WISPs, cable operators, and other concerned industries. ISP Supplies has a complete bundle of UltraDish TP antennas in North America. We offer worldwide shipping. Order your product now.