Rohn Tower Mounts

Well-built Rohn tower mounts feature unrivaled quality and ultimate performance. Rohn Beacon Plate comes with nuts and bolts. It can be used for installing Beacon Lights on any size or angle leg on any tower section level. Rohn tower mounts are ideal for mounting a DBS satellite dish antenna on a 2.3” diameter, 3 ft. long side arm assembly of the Rohn 25G tower. Its Antenna Support Assembly has support brackets, clamps, and mounting pipe. We also have Rohn Top Plate and Beacon Mount for 65G, 5N, and 6N tower sections. The Side Arm Mounts for mounting antennas on 65G towers can extend 3’ off the tower. Rohn Bolt Kit for joining 65G tower section includes bolt assemblies. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Rohn, offering its tower mounts at the best prices.

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