Amerite Series 25 Towers

Best-selling tower size, Amerite Series 25 is perfectly fabricated for self-supporting, bracketed, and guyed tower applications. The versatile, economical, and dependable tower of up to 10’ height and with a removable bushing to reduce the top sleeve from 1-1/2"" I.D. to a 1-1/4"" I.D, features a 12-1/2"" face width and 16-gauge 1-1/4"" high strength 50,000 psi steel tubing legs. The completely galvanized base plates allow you to mount the 25G-series tower using six 1/2"" x 12"" base bolts embedded in the concrete pier.

Besides, its 6-36” adjustable wall mount brackets with outside holes 17"" apart center to center and inside holes 6-3/4"" apart center to center are designed to extend from 24"" to 36"". All other accessories are also hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM 123. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Amerite offering its certified Series 25 Towers at the best prices.

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