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The ultimate performance BaiCells Accessories are expertly engineered for BaiCells equipmen. VNTC Tray Cable for factory or commercial applications perfectly transmits power, control, relay, or other types of signals in hazardous environments. The Tray Cable with a pressure-extruded jacket and fine copper stranding is superbly flexible and oil resistant, offering improved shielding effectiveness. The large Reflector Dish Antenna with a Radio Mount works fine with the Gen2 BaiCells ATOM OD04-14 Outdoor UE 2 GHz (14EG7035L-M1) and 3 GHz (14EG7035L-M2) radios. BaiCells Local EPC Feature Key with HaloB feature eliminates wireless PTP backhaul failures, fiber outages, or routing mistakes from causing customer service disruption. The robust Spare GPS Antenna system that withstands harsh environments is perfect for those who need a backup or replacement antenna. Other accessories include SIM cards, connectors, and more. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of BaiCells, KP-Performance, and other leading manufacturers offering their certified Accessories at excellent prices

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Baicells offers cost-effective and latest LTE wireless broadband access solutions to address the problems of WISPs, TV operators, and entertainment industry. Baicells accessories are very handy to use, easy to use, easy to handle in every circumstance. Baicells has created a new era by bringing the latest and innovative technologies to LTE, such as an entire LTE network to an unlicensed spectrum & structuring it with a powerful IT-based foundation. Baicells accessories allow users to use wireless internet very easily and at an affordable prices. Baicells products and kits are handy for every industry like broadband access operators, governments, mobile operators, enterprise private networks, etc.

ISP Supplies offers a complete Baicells accessories that includes:

  • Extremely Oil-Resistant & Flexible Tray Cable
  • Baicells Single Sim Card for cellular network, 3G/4G failover, and cell phones.
  • NM to NM connectors
  • Spare Power Supply
  • 100 Simcard 100 Pack
  • Spare GPS Antenna
  • PIM Jumper
  • Mount Large Reflector Dish
  • Mount Standard Reflector Dish
  • Amphenol Circular MIL Spec Connector
  • Baicells Local EPC Feature Key
  • Eupen Jumper

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