KP Antenna Cables

The stupendous quality KP Performance KP Antenna Cables are available in a variety of connector types depending on your specific needs and applications. You can purchase KP’s 50 Ohm antenna cable assemblies with connector types, including 7/16 DIN, MCX, MMCX, Type-N, SMA, and RP SMA. KP Low Loss Cables are up to 48” long, while KP Low PIM Cables use a 7/16 DIN male connector on one side and Type-N on the other. They utilize a 1/4” super flexible coax and have a PIM rating of -152 dBc (minimum) and -155 dBc (typical). KP Rubber Boot Cables are designed to last in most challenging environments, are rated from -40C to +65C and are usable up to 12 GHz. They feature clear rubber boots that fully cover each connector and an extra layer of weather-proofing protection. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of KP Performance, offering its certified KP Low Loss, Low PIM, and Rubber Boot Cables at excellent prices.