Proline Antennas

High-performance and sheeny surface ProLine Antennas are perfectly suited for high-density, backhaul, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint applications.
Available in 1ft / 2ft diameters with a gain performance of 24dBi / 29dBi respectively, KP’s 5 GHz Parabolic antennas are built to suppress both side-lobes and back-lobes and are superb at rejecting interference. While, its 1ft - 3ft Sector antennas deliver high, stable gain of up to 20 dBi with excellent front-to-back of 40 dB and suppress both side-lobes and back-lobes in order to mitigate inter-sector intervention. Single-band and dual-band options are available in 2.3 - 2.7 GHz, 3.5 - 4.2 GHz, and 4.9 - 6.4 GHz for 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 MIMO. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of KP Performance offering its certified ProLine Antennas at cost-effective prices.

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