Quick-Connect Proline Horn Antenna Kits

Professional quality Quick-Connect Proline Horn Antenna Kits are perfectly suited for filling in gaps in coverage and reducing interference in noisy environments.
Compact antennas are available in 30°, 45°, and 60° beamwidths with frequencies from 4.9 GHz – 6.4 GHz and high-performance gain of 19dBi, 16dBi, and 13.8 dBi, respectively. The kits bundle the 5GHz ProLine Horn antennas with radio-specific and dual-polarization N-type adapters. They are ideal for high-density AP deployments with radio co-location. The antenna’s quick-connect waveguide allows change out of adapters without tools, while its rugged mechanical design aids in surviving harsh wind and icy environments.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of KP Performance, offering its certified Quick-Connect Proline Horn Antenna Kits at cost-effective prices.

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