Tarana Base Nodes

Modish design Tarana Wireless Base Nodes are perfect for fiber-class connectivity in rural, urban, and suburban environments. The high-speed 3GHz/5GHz G1 Base Node combines the ease of deployment of mobile macro-cellular radio access networks with a simple fixed access network architecture. Tarana Base Node offers up to 800 Mbps aggregate throughput per link and 9.6 Gbps capacity/site per 80 MHz channel, supporting up to 256 users per sector. It has software-defined radios that enable automated, cloud-managed performance upgrades. The compact, integrated Tarana Base Node features a 2x cellular range in NLoS or LoS conditions and comes in a box with a grounding lug. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Tarana Wireless, offering its certified Base Nodes at excellent prices.

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