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Quality of
Experience (QoE)

Reduce support costs, customer churn and deliver a
higher value to your broadband customers.

Ready to get started?

QoE Starter Kit

  • For a limited time only, take advantage of QoE by purchasing a 1 year, 1 Gbps software only subscription at a discount. If you are interested in Cambium hardware, you can also purchase the 1 Gbps extended temperature appliance at a discount.

QoE Trial

  • Bring your own hardware and work with Cambium directly on a limited time customized trial. There is a specific test plan and evaluation required within the trial license period.
  • No obligation – at the end of the trial period, the license will automatically be de-activated.

Be the Service
Provider of choice

By providing customer experiences that subscribers
will tell their friends about. Create and manage a
trouble-free network that exceeds expectations.
Deliver consistent, reliable application performance
and quick, real-time responsiveness across dozens
of devices, multiple users and an ever-expanding
library of applications.

Cambium’s providers

  • Reduce the volume of customer support calls and customer churn
  • Develop deep insights into your network performance and implement
    granular application control to optimize end user experiences
  • Deliver a more profitable return on your network infrastructure
  • Create and enforce multiple tiers of service


Boost end user performance on any IP-based network with the following features:

TCP Acceleration Accelerate data flows from 50%–200% in slow
networks. Reduce latency and delays in
streaming video.
Per-User Rate Limiting Create individual rate-limiting plans to match offered packages while ensuring quality of experience for key applications inside the rate-limited package.
Traffic Shaping by
Control data flows on application groups:
  • Cap video streaming applications below the user’s plan maximum to leave room for interactive traffic, saving bandwidth and reducing latency due to buffer fills
  • Allow needed bandwidth for real-time applications like virtual meetings and video streaming while reducing bandwidth for background applications, such as game updates.
Application Insights Understand network usage details by application, time of day and user. Reduce support ticket resolution time by identifying high bandwidth consuming applications.
DoS Attack Detection Automatically detect and receive notifications for Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks
Automatic Congestion
Leverage machine learning algorithms that learn and identify congested end points and automatically implement rules to improve end user experience.
Statistics and
with cnMaestro™
Leverage various statistics locally to identify high latency, high bandwidth users. Use cnMaestro integration to further enhance network-wide insights

QoE integrates into your existing network and operations with
minimal impact and minimal configuration management required.

Customer referral
is the most effective method

Customer referral is the most effective method of acquiring new customers
based on a 2020 survey of more than 400 broadband service providers.