Enclosures-Indoor & Outdoor

ISP Supplies offers Enclosures-Indoor & Outdoor for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

Durable Electrical Enclosures with accessories are created for indoor and outdoor applications.

The heavy-duty Indoor Enclosures, racks, and cabinets for small and medium businesses, warehouses, superstores, and others offer up to 3000lbs load capacity. They can accommodate up to 45U of standard-width rack equipment.

We have pole or wall-mountable weatherproof Outdoor Enclosures. The PVC Enclosures feature six maximum cable feed-thru. Steel and aluminum enclosures have a water and dust-proof polyurethane door joint strip for supplement protection, and the deep Telecom Enclosures offer up to 4-point locking.

Our extensive collection of fine quality Enclosure accessories includes clamps, plates, brackets, gaskets, fasteners, feedthrough, thermostats, and many others. We also provide pole-mount kits, rails, back panels, and switch panel kits. Besides, you can expect to get axial flow fans, fan filters, and fan metal mesh guards.

Attabox and Mag Daddy offer a range of Enclosure Accessories. Mag Daddy provides ultra-strong magnetic fasteners for wire/cable management, including cup mounts and premium polymer cable holders, tie mounts, and clamps.

MikroTik Indoor Enclosures with 3 or 4 holes for N-female Bulkhead connectors or ACSWI Swivel antennas fit more miniPCl card models. LightSaber Telecom Enclosures are NEMA 4X rated to offer extra secured, thermally-controlled environments for backup battery systems. Moreover, Tycon Systems Polycarbonate and PVC Enclosures are made of UV and impact-resistant plastic for long service life.

ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of LightSaber, MikroTik, and other leading manufacturers, offering their certified Electrical Enclosures at the best prices.