Routers, Switches & Modems

Wi-Fi Routers & Modems

A modem is a networking device that receives analog signals from your ISP and converts them into digital signals that can be understood by your devices and vice versa. Besides, a router acts as a middleman between the modem and your internet-connected devices (like smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, and other wired or wireless devices). It creates a local area network (LAN) and distributes the Wi-Fi signal from your modem and throughout your house so you can connect multiple devices to your Wi-Fi connection.

The difference between the two devices is that a modem connects you to the internet or a wide area network (WAN), while a router provides that internet connection to all your devices that are connected to the router.

Notably, there are two types of routers; wireless and wired. Wireless routers offer multiple channels of connection. They use built-in antennas to connect the Wi-Fi network to the devices. On the contrary, wired routers provide the fastest speeds available in terms of performance. They use ports to transmit data to computers and other devices.

Network Switches

A network switch connects devices such as computers, printers, access points, and wireless devices, to each other, allowing them to communicate by exchanging data packets.

PoE switches are devices that combine the functions of a switch and a power source in one and transmit both the data and electrical power over the Ethernet cables. They provide PoE power to network devices including access points, IP phones, surveillance cameras, and other IoT devices - a non-PoE switch, on the other hand, is a data-only device that only allows network connectivity.

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