Wireless Access Points

Exceptional performance Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are created for delivering powerful Wi-Fi coverage in enterprises, homes, offices, dorms, campuses, hotels, and other indoor and outdoor applications. The Wi-Fi Access Points from top providers including TP-Link, Cambium, MikroTik, Ubiquiti, are great for smooth 4K/8K streaming, lag-free gaming, swift browsing, and downloading.

We have weatherproof 2GHz Access Points for outdoor mobile applications and small yet powerful APs featuring 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology. The Wireless Access Points with high-gain antennas provide a robust performance home WLAN solution, while the WAPs for high-bandwidth applications have 5dBi external antennas for extended range. Plus, the modish 5GHz Access Points deliver up to 3.0Gbps aggregate radio rate with 5GHz (MU-MIMO and OFDMA) and 2.4GHz (MIMO) radios. They can withstand harsh environments and can be mounted on a pole, wall, or a ceiling.

Our Dual-Band Access Points come with LTE backup and Gigabit Ethernet ports. They are built with premium hardware and offer unlimited scalability, 4.8Gbps data rates, and built-in security. A 3-pack Mesh Wi-Fi System connects up to 120+ devices and covers up to 4500 sq. ft. Additionally, our Managed Wi-Fi devices offer up to 5800 sq. ft. coverage and connects up to 150 devices. The whole home mesh Wi-Fi acts as a router, AP, and extender and provides stable connections with up to 1.8 Gbps. Moreover, the aesthetic Wi-Fi 6 Access Points feature the latest 802.11ax technologies and have a 175-meter coverage range. The dual/tri-band Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point with high-power FEM, 4 to 8 high-gain antennas, beamforming technology, and 4T4R structures provides up to 6579 Mbps speeds and has a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU for incredibly low latency.

The brand TP-Link’s business class Wireless Access Points with sturdy hardware design support PoE for convenient installation, feature captive portal, Facebook Wi-Fi and SMS authentication, and Wi-Fi security. Its Mesh Wi-Fi System offers unrivaled Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to 1800Mbps and 5500 sq. ft. (3-pack) Wi-Fi coverage, and the elegant Deco can keep 100+ devices connected at once.

Our Wireless Access Points (WAPs) come with WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 encryptions, security features, parental controls, built-in Antivirus, and QoS.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of MikroTik, TP-Link, Ubiquiti Networks, and other leading manufacturers, offering their certified Wireless Access Points (WAPs) at affordable prices.