ALGcom Enclosures

State-of-the-art Enclosures of premium quality are specifically designed for outdoor environments and non-coastal areas.
Compact 6 - 24U height outdoor cabinet with 300 - 1090 mm height for the battery compartment and 500mm steel racks is 100% hot-dipped galvanized. It comes with universal support for mast, wall, and pole or floor support and a fan kit and thermostat for temperature control. Plus, it provides a volume of 60 litres (min.) and 370 litres (max.), and has a surface that is resistant to corrosion, stains, and chemicals.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of ALGcom offering its certified Enclosures at the best-budget prices.

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An enclosure is a cabinet for electronic equipment used to mount components and protect contents from the surrounding environment. Enclosures come in all shapes and sizes with many different specifications that provide varying degrees of protection. Enclosures are usually made from rigid plastics or metals such as steel stainless steel, or aluminum steel cabinets may be painted or galvanized. Enclosures are supplemented by a broad category of equipment designed to help maintain the environment. Within the enclosure, a combination of heaters fans thermostats and Hydra stats continuously monitor and regulate air quality protecting equipment from freezing corrosion and overheating specialty accessories like vortex tubes provide efficient spot cooling. Discreet lighting solutions can assist with cabinet maintenance. ISP Supplies is the largest distributor of ALGcom enclosures in North America. ISP Supplies offers indoor enclosures, outdoor enclosures, ALGcom rack cabinet, Gabinete Outdoor Galvanized Steel Racks and many other products. Visit our warehouse to shop ALGcom enclosures or other accessories. Buy ALGcom enclosures from ISP Supplies’ door.