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Incredible performance and top-quality BaiCells Promo Offers are masterfully designed for tightly clustered pockets of customers, coverage holes, edges of your network, or simply opportunistic micro-targeting, like marinas, RV parks, and high-density dwellings such as apartments and townhomes. Pole or wall mount, the lightweight and easy-to-install outdoor micro base station, based on TD-LTE technology has a lower output power of 2X250mW and operates at 3550 - 3700 MHz frequencies.

The compact all-in-one design of internal antenna and integrated GPS, The microcell eNodeB (eNB) expands existing LTE networks into micro-pop areas that are unable to support a full-blown LTE base station, providing us with low-cost, amplified indoor and outdoor coverage. The equipment possesses a compact all-in-one design of internal antenna and integrated GPS. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of BaiCells offering its certified BaiCells Promo Offers at the best and most affordable prices.

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