Super-meticulous high-performance Amerite towers for internet with accessories are masterfully designed to aid in installation and provide proper functionality. The resilient 16 or 18 gauge plain end mast tube is 5’-10’ long and is pre-galvanized for weather protection. The guy brackets are used to attach guy wires to the Amerite 25, 45, and 55 towers, distributing forces to the entire Amerite Tower instead of just one leg. Its heavy-duty motor mount is perfect for mounting rotors and Wifi-antennas, while the accessory shelf is pre-drilled for trouble-free mounting of most plate-mounted rotors. Amerite drive-in-base plates are manufactured in a way that satisfactorily prevents the bottom of a temporary tower from ‘kicking out’ which may lead to tower collapse. Moreover, the adjustable wall brackets are fit for mounting towers next to a building and come with U-bolts for mounting to tower legs. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Amerite and other leading manufacturers offering their certified towers for internet, including accessories that you can count on for years for reliable service at the best and cost-effective prices.