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About LightSaber Telecom Cable Accessories

Engineered from hard-wearing, premium grade 304 stainless steel, LightSaber Telecom Cable Accessories provide maximum strength against environmental factors and deliver exceptional performance.

With the help of serrated teeth, LightSaber angle adapters firmly grip steel surfaces and are ideal for snap-in applications, besides, LightSaber fasteners offer maximum durability, facilitate easy installation, and ensure a secure and tailored fit. Perfect for OD round members, LightSaber standoffs excellently handle both standard and snap-in hangers, and LightSaber hangers with smoothed edges brilliantly avoid cuts and securely fasten to cables and trunklines, assisting in installation.

LightSaber grommets include UV and flame-resistant barrel cushions built for heavy-duty use with fiber, power, elliptical, and coaxial cables. Featuring a lace-up design, LightSaber hoist grips can be easily positioned at 200 ft. increments on long coax runs, reduce vibration, and include a self-locking clamp as well. Moreover, for protection against maximum amps surges from lightning punctures, LightSaber grounding kits that come in weatherproof packaging are a great choice.

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